NOTE: If you need help with any maths questions while we are not at school then you can send us an email using the address elginacademymaths”at”gmail.com. (You will need to replace the “at” with the @ symbol)
Several maths teachers will be monitoring this address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

S1 Homework

S1 Rounding Homework

S2 Homework

S2 Algebra Homework

The Three Pumps

S2 Weekly Homework: Term 1      Term 2      Term3

S2 Numeracy Homework

S2 Number Review Homework

S3 Homework

S3 Extension Homework Pack

S3 General HW Algebra

S3 Extension HW Trigonometry 1

S3 General Homework – Formulae

S3 Wages & Salaries 2

Mean Median Mode and Range

The three bears problem

S3 Extension HW Percentages

S3 Pythagoras HW

S3 Straight line homework

Probability – General


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