Mathematics is important in everyday life, allowing us to make sense of the world around us and to manage our lives. Using mathematics enables us to model real-life situations and make connections and informed predictions. It equips us with the skills we need to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

The Course aims to:

  • motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to select and apply mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations
  • develop confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards further study in mathematics and the use of mathematics in employment
  • deliver in-depth study of mathematical concepts and the ways in which mathematics describes our world
  • allow learners to interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form; skills which are vital to scientific and technological research and development
  • deepen the learner’s skills in using mathematical language and exploring advanced mathematical ideas

Course Notes

These pages contain notes and examples for each block of work in the Higher course;

Block 1

Course Information

Higher Course Overview      Higher Exam Overview

Record of Achievement for Higher Maths  This document allows you to track yourself against all the Assessment Standards in the course.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced a series of summary documents to outline the content of the new Highers; here is the Mathematics summary.


Topic Homeworks
Trigonometry HW
Logs & Exponentials Set2      (Solutions)

200 Exam Questions(from highermathematics.co.uk)
Questions 1-20               Questions 21-40            Questions 41-60
Questions 61-80            Questions 81-100         Questions 101-120
Questions 121-140      Questions 141-160      Questions 161-180
Questions 181-200

Relationships and Calculus
R&C Higher HW1      R&C Higher HW2      R&C Higher HW3

Expressions and Functions
ef-higher-hw-7      ef-higher-hw-6      ef-higher-hw-5      ef-higher-hw-4
ef-higher-hw-3      ef-higher-hw-2      ef-higher-hw-1

  • Summer Revision Booklet      (Task 1 Mark Scheme)
    Higher pupils are expected to complete all sections of this booklet over the summer holidays.
    Task 1 should be used for revision and answers checked against the mark scheme linked above.
    Parts 2 and 3 will be collected in and marked when we return in August.

Revision Resources

Prestwick E&F revision booklet      Dalkeith Higher E&F booklet

Prestwick R&C revision booklet      Dalkeith Higher R&C booklet

Prestwick Apps revision booklet      Dalkeith Higher Apps booklet

SQA Past Papers

Higher 2018 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2017 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2016 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2015 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme

These older past papers include short response questions in Paper 1, as you will find in the new Higher;

Higher 2007 – Paper 1     Paper 2                 Marking Scheme Paper 1     Paper 2
Higher 2006 – Paper 1     Paper 2                 Marking Scheme Paper 1     Paper 2
Higher 2005 – Paper 1     Paper 2                 Solutions – Paper 1      Paper 2
Higher 2004 – Paper 1 and 2                          Solutions – Paper 1      Paper 2
Higher 2003 – Paper 1 and 2                          Answers  – Paper 1      Paper 2
Higher 2002 – Paper 1 and 2                          Solutions – Paper 1      Paper 2
Higher 2001 – Paper 1 and 2                          Solutions – Paper 1      Paper 2

These past papers include objective (multi-choice) questions in the first section of Paper 1, but there are short response questions in the second section;

Higher 2014 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2013 Paper 1      Paper 2      Marking scheme
Higher 2012 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2011 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2010 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme
Higher 2009 Papers 1 and 2              Marking scheme – Paper 1      Paper 2
Higher 2008 Paper 1      Paper 2      Marking scheme

Easter Revision

Easter differentiation               Easter Differentiation Solutions

Easter geometry                       Easter Geometry Solutions

Easter integration                     Easter Integration Solutions

Easter Trigonometry                 Easter Trigonometry Solutions

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Block 1

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