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NOTE: If you need help with any maths questions while we are not at school then you can send us an email using the address elginacademymaths”at” (You will need to replace the “at” with the @ symbol)
Several maths teachers will be monitoring this address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The National 4 Mathematics Course builds on the principles and practice and experiences and outcomes of mathematics and numeracy.

Mathematics is rich and stimulating. It engages and fascinates learners of all ages, interests and abilities. Learning mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to think in abstract ways. It uses a universal language of numbers and symbols, which allows us to communicate ideas in a concise, unambiguous and rigorous way.
Mathematics equips us with many of the skills required for life, learning and work. Understanding the part that mathematics plays in almost all aspects of life is crucial. This reinforces the need for mathematics to play an integral part in lifelong learning and be appreciated for the richness it brings.

This Mathematics Course allows learners to acquire and develop the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities. For example: success in mathematical learning and activity leads to increased confidence as an individual; being able to think logically helps towards being a responsible citizen; and being able to understand, use and communicate mathematical ideas will help in becoming an effective contributor.


EA National 4 homework pack

Weekly HW5
Weekly HW4
Weekly HW3
Weekly HW2

Nat 4 Straight Line HW

National 4 HW Pack

National 4 Mixed Homeworks

Revision Resources

Numeracy practice booklet – Gryff Academy

Revision booklet from Dunoon Grammar School;
Numeracy Worksheets 1      Numeracy Worksheets 2     (Answers)

Answers to Pegasys Pack: National 4 Numeracy Worksheets – answers

Answers to Leckie & Leckie practice book: Expressions & Formulae      Relationships      Numeracy

National 4 Relationships Revision  (produced by S Stoppard -D & G Council)

Relationships unit test practice  – Gryff Academy

Expressions and Formulae
National 4 Expressions and Formulae Revision       (produced by S Stoppard -D & G Council)

Past Paper Questions Expressions and Formulae                            (Solutions)

Added Value
National 4 Added value Revision (produced by S Stoppard -D & G Council)


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