National 5

The National 5 Mathematics Course builds on the principles and practice and experiences and outcomes of mathematics and numeracy.

Mathematics is rich and stimulating. It engages and fascinates learners of all ages, interests and abilities. Learning mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysis, problem-solving skills, creativity, and the ability to think in abstract ways. It uses a universal language of numbers and symbols, which allows us to communicate ideas in a concise, unambiguous and rigorous way.


National 5 Homework Pack

Weekly Homework
App HW1      App HW 2      App HW 3

Rel HW10     Rel HW9       Rel HW8       Rel HW7       Rel HW6 ()
Rel HW5       Rel HW4       Rel HW3       Rel HW2       Rel HW1

E&F HW5     E&F HW4      E&F HW3     E&F HW2      E&F HW1

Revision Homework
Revision HW 1      Revision HW 2      Revision HW 3      Revision HW 4      Revision HW 5      Revision HW 6
Revision HW 7      Revision HW 8

Past Paper Homework: Homework 1     Homework 2      Homework 3

Past paper Questions by Topic

Simultaneous equations HW

Mixed Homework 1A (Expressions & formulae)

Mixed Homework 2A (Expressions & formulae)

Fractions and Scatter Graph HW (Applications)

Scatter Graph Supplementary HW (Applications)

Mixed Algebra Homework 1

Revision Resources

Practice paper A   (Answers)      Practice paper B   (Answers)      Practice paper C   (Answers)
Practice paper D   (Answers)      Practice paper E   (Answers)      Practice paper F   (Answers)

National 5 Core Skills Booklet      (Answers)

Bell Baxter High School revision materials

Scotsman revision supplement – Part 1      Part 2

National 5 Notes

Revision booklets from Prestwick Academy; Expressions and Formulae      Relationships      Applications

National 5 Progress booklets: Expressions and Formulae     Relationships     Applications

NEW: Revision for A/B tests: E&F revision      (Solutions)

Guidance on how to use Credit and Int 2 past papers to assist with N5 revision;
Nutshells revision N5.

SQA National 5 Papers

2016 Paper 1 and 2      Marking scheme
2015 Paper 1 and 2
      Marking scheme
2014 Paper 1 and 2
     Marking scheme
Specimen Papers:
Paper 1      Paper 2

SQA Credit Level Past Papers

2013 Paper 1      Paper 2      (Marking scheme)
2012 Paper 1 and 2               (Marking scheme)
2011 Paper 1 and 2               (Marking scheme)
2010 Paper 1 and 2               (Marking scheme)
2009 Paper 1 and 2
               (Marking scheme)



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Past Paper Questions by Topic

This page contains a selection of past paper questions and solutions to help you target your revision in the approach to the final exams. 1.   Decimals, Fractions & Percentages                                                     (Solutions) 2.   Algebra – including algebraic fractions, surds and indices                   (Solutions) 3.   Data Handling – including diagrams and standard deviation                (Solutions) 4.   …

Prelim revision

This page contains resources to help you revise for your prelim exams; Previous National 5 prelims National 5 Prelim 2016-17                                          (Marking Scheme) National 5 Prelim 2015-16                                          (Marking Scheme) National 5 Prelim 2014-15 (Paper and marking scheme) National 5 Prelim 2013-14 (Paper and marking scheme) Practice prelims (Int 2 level) Intermediate 2(123) 2008 Paper1                                (Marking Scheme) Intermediate 2(123) 2008 Paper2                                …